Tampa Roller Derby (TRD) holds recruitment nights for interested skaters about every six months. The next Meet and Greet, where you will learn what it takes to become a TRD roller girl will be on January 27th at 8:00pm. After that, planto attend the new recruit bootcamp, to get you ready for tryouts, which will be on February 8th at 9:30am. The next tryouts will be on March 2nd at 5:30pm at Downtown Skate located at 5313 E. Busch Blvd, Tampa, FL 33617.

There are minimum skating requirements for joining our training program, so make sure you start skating or take lessons now!

You will be evaluated on the following skills prior to beginning your training with TRD:

  • Ability to skate with a regular stride.
  • Ability to skate normally without being an endangerment to yourself or others.
  • Ability to stop under control from average speed. (T-stop, plow stop or toe stop)
  • Ability to complete 5 laps around regulation track in 1 minute
  • Ability to complete 20 laps around regulation track in 5 minutes
  • Ability to skate on one foot for length of straightaway
  • Ability to propel forward while keeping both skates on the track (sticky skating)
  • Ability to move fluidly from one side of the track to the other


Refer to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) website for a complete list of requirements.  For tryouts, you will be evaluated on section 1 of the minimum skill requirements, found here.  The more you practice now, the better prepared you'll be for tryouts.  Get out and start skating now. Go to open skates, skate outdoors, skate as much as possible to get used to having eight wheels under you.  If you need help, there are skating classes available at many of the skating rinks in the Tampa area.  Prepare yourself early and get in shape.  Roller derby is an actual sport and requires a certain level of fitness.  There are gals of all shapes and sizes in this sport and in our league, but you must be able to skate.

Please download the QK packet linked below.  You must print, complete and sign the About Me page of the packet, as well as the WFTDA and TRD waivers and bring them to your first practice (after your evaluation night).

Look forward to seeing you at the Meet & Greets!!




If you plan to come to our next tryouts, please read the following.  It is a lot of information and might be overwhelming, but it's key information you need to know in order to prepare yourself for our training program (called Quad Killers, or QK for short), and to continue with this sport beyond QK training.  It is not intended to scare you away from derby, but to prepare you for what lies ahead.

1. CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE:  QK practices are at Downtown Skates in Temple Terrace on Sunday nights from 6pm - 8pm and Wednesday nights from 8pm - 10pm.  There will also be extra practices on an occasional Tuesday night and Saturday morning.  Once the program starts, training is pretty fast-paced, so you need to come to as many practices as possible.  We will be keeping track of your attendance and if you miss too many practices, you'll miss essential training and won't progress like you need to.  If you absolutely have to miss a practice, please communicate with us that you won't be there.  Bear in mind that for the practices you miss, it will be your responsibility to find out what was covered in that practice and to make up for the lost skate/practice time.

2. EQUIPMENT:  You will need your own:

  • quad skates
  • mouthguard
  • helmet
  • knee pads
  • elbow pads
  • wristguards

You may use the rental skates available at the rink, but you will quickly find out that you'll progress much faster with your own pair.  See Linda at the skate shops inside of United Skates of America in Tampa or Downtown Skates in Temple Terrace.  She gives a discount for derby girls and interested recruits. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to derby skates and can help you adjust them if need be.  Loaner pads will be available for the night of tryouts and for the first few practices, but let's face it:  someone else's used pads can be kind of gnarly and aren't always gently used.  They are also first come, first served and odds are, we won't have enough sets for everyone.  If you want to purchase your own protective equipment prior to trying out (which is highly encouraged), be sure to contact Stella Knockout, our Recruitment Chair, to ensure you're buying the right equipment; you can reach her at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Many interested recruits show up with equipment that either does not fit correctly or is not protective enough for derby.  We recommend that you go someplace where you can try the pads on and are used to working with skaters.  We get discounts from Skatepark of Tampa on equipment. For QK, you also might want to consider getting a tailbone protector, which can be found in the football section of sporting goods stores (Play It Again Sports, Dick's, Sports Authority, etc).  At the bare minimum, you must have your own mouthguard in order to participate in tryouts.

3. WORK OUT:  Skate, skate, skate!  Skate outdoors; take advantage of open skates; do everything you can to get used to having eight wheels under you.  Exercise your core (aka your abs and obliques).  Work on your endurance.  Do cardio.  Do jumping jacks; run; walk fast; run stairs; jump rope - anything to keep your heart rate up and used to pumping more than usual.  Do squats, 2 legged and 1 legged.  (We don't call it Quad Killers for nothing! ;) )  Stand in front of the TV and hold a squat for as long as you can, then do it again.  You can start by doing 30 second intervals, then see if you can work up to holding your squat for a full commercial break.  Your knees should be at 90 degrees, or as close to it as possible, and your chest should be up; your knees should NOT extend past your toes.  Do leg lifts.  You will also need to strengthen your upper body.  The more you start training now, the more ready you will be for tryouts.  Ask anyone who is currently in QK, or has gone through the program, and they can tell you that you will be sore for the first few weeks of practice, as your body won't be used to working/moving the way it does for skating/derby.

4. INSURANCE AND DUES:  Dues are $30 a month and there an annual fee for WFTDA insurance.  Both of these are required in order to continue practicing with us.  Insurance will be due immediately upon joining QK and dues, as previously stated, are a monthly expense.

5. FAMILY SUPPORT:  It is highly suggested that you sit down with your family/spouse/significant other/loved ones to discuss the commitment necessary for this sport.  It can be a drain on your finances at times, especially when you're first starting out and buying all the needed equipment.  It is also time consuming.  As stated earlier, practices are twice a week, plus drive time, and we also require volunteering/participating at league appearances, fundraisers, and bouts.  Prepare the important people in your life so that they understand the commitment involved.  Having their support is essential to your success in derby.  And if they want to get involved, let them!  We always welcome volunteers, nonskating officials, as well as referees.

6. THE LOVE OF DERBY!:  A common phrase heard around the derby community is "roller derby saved my life," and there's a reason for it.  This sport can become a huge part of who you are.  You will become a member of the large, and growing, family, as the derby community exists across the globe and we are all united the by love of our sport.  It can consume you and, at times, feel like a second job, but it can also be the best decision you ever made.


Again, all of this information is intended to prepare you for joining our league and this sport.  If you have any questions, need anything clarified, or just want more information, please don't hesitate to contact Stella Knockout, our league's Recruitment Chair ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).  We look forward to meeting you at the next round of tryouts.  Your first night will be an evaluation of your skating abilities.  The exact skills you'll be evaluated on (WFTDA's minimum skill requirements, section 1) can be found on that link, or page 7 of the PDF QK packet file attached at the bottom of this page.  This packet contains additional information regarding Quad Killers and what to expect within our training program, so please download this to prepare yourself ahead of time. Just keep yourself updated on the front page of this website and there will be a announcements regarding definite dates and times closer to the time of the tryouts. You may also want to register for the TRD forum to get more information, and “friend” us on facebook to get info on updates and upcoming social events.

Download this file (2012 Membership Waiver.pdf)2012 WFTDA Membership Waiver[Sign this and bring it with you]108 Kb
Download this file (LIABILITY_WAIVER_TBDD.doc)TBDD Liability Waiver[Sign this and bring it with you]28 Kb
Download this file (TBDDQKPacket2013.doc)TBDDQKPacket2013[Please read and review]255 Kb