Doin' it all on eight wheels!

Some are seasoned warriors, others have a latent fierceness shadowed by inexperience. These women had wandered alone, always knowing that their day of reckoning would arrive. This is the time to heal their battle wounds and sharpen their skills. They have come together in support of a greater mission! Though these women are strangers in this arena, or perhaps prodigal daughters, their zest and zeal for the sport and the kinship they have found will carry them to glory. Keep a watchful eye on those Aces!



Aces on Eights Roster: 2013

Anita Bopabitch, 216

Anja Patellas

Bob Gnarley, 40

Cookie Jarred

Crisis Du Jour

Dakota Dynamite

Flirtin' With Disaster, 867-5309

Gail Force, 55

Laryn Kill, 20

Mona Socka Mom, 549

Smooth Operator, 101

Spank Sinatra, 999