Get caught in the WEB!

In the sub, sub basement of a back alley skating rink, a group of women with an affinity for destruction as well as dysfunctional relationships were called together. They put on their helmets, strapped on pads, and laced up their skates to embark on their annihilative adventure.

These ladies leave a trail of tears and a path of poundings as they move from skater to skater laying out killer hits. Being the bad girls of derby and the most undefeated team in TBDD history can cause a skater to become a little rough around the edges.

Watch out for these unyielding contenders.  When the skate dust has settled, will the Widows once again climb their way back to greatness?

The Black Widows Roster: 2013

Blaque Jac, 21


Aquabrat, over 9000

Brittany, 8

Burger Queen, 241

Calamity Jam, pen15

Cookie Jarred, 00

Dakota Dynamite, 

Liquor Possi, 313



Despicable D, 326

Ellie Mae Tramp It, 4x4

G-Race, 888

Guat-a-Mauler, 1020

Jinxy Lulu, 106

Krush Groove, 103


Little A, 90



Nadia Chance, 43

Pinky Bruised-Her, 13

Pupcake, 9546

Smooth Operator, 101 

Stella Knockout, 620

Taz Maniac, 7