Cruising to cause a bruisin!

These punks come from the back streets of Tampa Bay. If you want to skate against them, they won't back down from your challenge. These gutsy women will take on the whole state of Florida to prove they aren't secondary to any "big sister". Known for their brash and bold attitudes, their supersonic speed, and their earth shattering blows, the Bruise Crew brings opponents to their knees. If you're looking for a bona fide brawl, don't fear because the Bruise Crew will be there.



The Tampa Bay Bruise Crew Roster: 2013

Trip McNeely, 92

Alli-Kat Scratch, 9 Lives

Apolo Ana, 3E8

Battle Angel Alita, 99

Blondie Blitz, 16

Breezy, 22

Carmen, 10

Despicable D, 326


Imp Priss, 3

Kat Smash Fever, 42

Krush Groove, 103

Laryn Kill, 20

Missie the Missile, 1X

Morgan Hanson, 5

Nadia Chance, 43

PhDiesel, 2





Rebel, 1661


Pupcake, 9546

Shock O'Clock, 3N1 

Sketch E. Artist, 747

Smooth Operator, 101

Stella Knockout, 620

Tights N Sirens, 1018

Zoom Boom Pow, 68