It's good to be a Gangster!

They're sleek, they're sly and they've got street smarts. They're not big talkers but they are BIG on action.  Authority has nothing on their "family".

These aren't bad girls turned good.  These are bad girls playing nice...sometimes.

If you stumble upon them playing dice in the back room of some shady bar in Ybor city, turn around and run away.  You don't wanna find yourself strapped down by their roller skates at the bottom of the Hillsborough River.

Is it better to be loved... or feared? The Cigar City Mafia couldn't care less. Just stay out of their way!

Cigar City Mafia Roster: 2013

PhDiesel, 2



Battle Angel Alita, 99

Beaver Vendetta, 54

Blondie Blitz, 16

Cindy Rolla, 12am

Clover Run Ya Over, 813

Imp Priss, 3

Lil Bit, 365

Trip McNeely, 92%

Co Captain


Lily the Kid, 138

MelNCholy, 888

Millie Curie, 511

Morgan Hanson, 5

Oxy Cotton Candy, 80mg

Panty Bandit, 398 

Reggie Rocket, 47

Shock O'Clock, 3N1




Sketch E. Artist, 7                 

T'erin Traxx, 66

Thrasher Bones, 187

Tic Tac Toni, X0

Tru-Lee, 401

Vaude Villian, V4V

Zoom Boom Pow, 68