Branded Sisters for LIFE!

A dark and stormy night in early 2006 brought these fearsome ladies together. By destiny they met but a lifelong bond would keep them together. There was no mercy, because society forced them to be ruthless. Often mistaken for angelic, no one suspected how heartless they can be. Once you join them, there is no going back. Proudly sporting the colors of blue and black, knives in their hands, and with hearts of cold steel, these sisters made a pact that they would all live by, whatever it takes... lie, cheat, and steal.

Switchblade Sisters Roster: 2013

Alli-Kat Scratch, 9 lives


Apolo Ana, 3E8

Atilly Da Hun, 143

Bettie Kruger, 78

Bodda Gettya, T1GR

Carmen, 10

Code 99Her, S7

Breezy, 22



Destructa, 44

Dispatchin' Pain, 911

Kat Smash Fever, 42

Laryn Kill, 20

Leia Flat, 80D

Liv N. Love, 11

Lunch Lady, 212




Missie the Missle, 1X

Really Smalls, 76

Rebel, 1661

Rojo Grande, 50ft

Shanon, 105

Tights N Sirens, 1018