Send your Tampa Tantrums to Richmond!

The Tampa Tantrums will be heading to Richmond, VA Sept. 13-15 to compete in the 2013 WFTDA Division 1 Playoffs as the #7 seed. The WFTDA Playoffs bring together the most talented, highly trained, and committed skaters and officials from WFTDA member leagues to display the “Real, Strong, Athletic and Revolutionary” game play that pushes the limits of the sport worldwide. DONATE NOW!! Your donation will help cover the cost of travel for this dynamic group of athletes who have to pay for their own uniforms, equipment, and skater needs in order to represent Tampa in the sport of Women's Flat Track Roller Derby. Any donation is appreciated and helps lift the monetary burden from your Tantrums so they can focus on training for the Division 1 Playoffs. Click here to Donate and help your Tampa Tantrums.

The Tampa Tantrums...20 Skaters stopping your flow!

Tired of playing nice, a group of skaters joined together in May 2006 and threw the biggest tantrum the city of Tampa had ever seen. They may look cute with their lollipops and little girl sized tops but don't let their innocent looks fool ya'. These ladies are hard hittin', pack splittin', gettin'-it-done chicks who make other derby teams cower in their skirts. These aren't the good little girls of roller derby.

Led by their coach, Candy Corn, and the best skaters the Sunshine State has to offer, the Tantrums have made it a point to do what they do best, steam roll the competition and leave nothing but bruises and winning scores in their wake.



The Tampa Tantrums Charter: 2013

Bettie Kruger, 78

Alli-Kat Scratch, 9 Lives

Apolo Ana, 3E8

Blaque Jac, 21

Breezy, 22

Krush Groove, 103

Laryn Kill, 20


Lily the Kid, 138

Lil Bit, 365

Liquor Possi, 313

Little A, 90

PhDiesel, 2

Pupcake, 9546 




Lunch Lady, 212

Rojo Grande, 50FT

Smooth Operator, 101

Taz Maniac, 7

Tic Tac Toni, XO

Trip McNeely, 92

Zoom Boom Pow, 68