Treatment for correcting the alignment of teeth

Treatment for correcting the alignment of teeth

What is Invisalign?

They are the removable type of braces. They come as a transparent model of the braces. They are flexible and used after the teeth are aligned. It is to prevent further rearrangement. As the teeth intend to return to their original location, this step is necessary. It has more of a cosmetic purpose than the original version. A person can wear this daily and must remove and clean it before and after food. Another positive point about Invisalign is that it will last longer. So the cost will also be higher than the original version of braces. It helps with cross-alignment and overbite positions of the teeth. This is why it is needed to do the invisalign vs braces cost.

How do the braces work?

Let’s say that some teeth are not aligned along the gum line. In such cases, a person is advised to wear braces. The idea behind it is that the molars, which are the strongest, with two and three roots, are tied on as the center, and the remaining teeth are pulled towards it along the gum line. This will help in improving the alignment. Sometimes, the oral cavity might be closely packed that the person will not have space for rearrangement. In such a case, four premolars, one from each side, are extracted, and space is created. There will not be any sign of the lack of four teeth in that individual.

How is Invisalign made?

Firstly, the alignment and dentition model is copied manually by using molds. Once the replica of the alignment is made, the liquefied form of the material used for Invisalign is made onto the replica and allowed to solidify. Afterward, the ends of the Invisalign are smoothened so that it does not cause any trauma or bleeding in the oral cavity. Some disturbances are experienced for the initial few days, but a person will then adapt to them over time.

Cost comparisons

The latter will be higher when the competitive costs of braces and Invisalign. The brackets can cost up to twenty-five thousand rupees, and the latter will be around thirty-six to forty thousand. The price will vary depending on the company and the number of consultation fees by the dental surgeon. Invisalign vs. braces cost comparison is necessary as the first one is more for cosmetic purposes. If a family is unable to afford this, they can always take the primary method that is more cost-effective. This treatment is for minors around twelve to fourteen years of age. Therefore, just like any surgical procedure, consent is taken from the parent or the guardian before the procedure.