Things to look out for before buying a used boat

Things to look out for before buying a used boat

Having your boat is like a dream come true. On your leisure day, you can take out your boat to the ocean and explore the vastness of blues. Unaware about the world while salty sea breezes rush through your hair, That certain aesthetic feel of water sprayed on your face, truly makes you aware of your freedom, your adventure on the water. Having a fancy car is great but having a boat is another thing. While buying a boat, if you are short on money, you can opt for used boats for sale. It can save you lots of money, but just like buying a pre-owned car, buying a used boat is something that we are not entirely sure about what we are getting. In this article, we are going to give you some tips you must follow while buying a used boat. So, let’s take a look at those cues,

Registration Documents

Every boat must carry its registration and title. While going out to buy a used boat ask the seller for valid registration and title. Ensure that the registration numbers match the make, model, and hull identification number (HIN). You will need these documents in the future, so make sure the seller has one before doing any negotiation.


 The hull of a boat is the most important part of it. Inspect the hull carefully before purchasing it abruptly. Check for defects, dents, gouges, and holes. You should also check whether the hull has been repaired in the past. Furthermore, don’t forget to check below the waterline, as it can get damaged from crashing into rocks.

If you are buying an older boat, check the wooden transom. It usually rots due to excessive movement of the motor. Any cracks or repairs of more than two or three-inch indicate that the boat has suffered collisions in the past. Make sure it has none of it is gonna cost you in the long run.


 Do a thorough inspection of the deck. Check for any indication of gauge, defects, or holes. While checking the part push your hands through every inch of the deck or the places that seem uneven. A squishy part will mean that the deck has internal damage.


While checking the engine consider taking a marine mechanic with you. If you are going alone then start the engine, if it produces any unnecessary sound, it has some issue in it. Furthermore, check the engine oil. If it is rusty or has any particles in it, then the engine has some serious trouble. Beware of those boats as it’s gonna cost you a lot while repairing them in the future.


An in-house suggestion, you should consider going to a dealer that deals with the used boat rather than buying it directly from the seller. Because a third party usually does a thorough inspection before selling it to another buyer. By doing so, you can get plenty of used boats for sale that are genuine and trustworthy.